I work with organizations that are mission-driven. The mission? To craft effective public policy that accelerates the transition to clean energy as a central solution to climate change. From the production of clean energy to the technologies that use it, I’m passionate about creating economic opportunities, enhancing well-being, and advancing reconciliation while cutting pollution.

I offer a unique blend of skills spanning policy expertise, communications savvy, and political acumen that can help you develop and execute strategies that get results.

My approach to effective problem-solving starts with looking at the big picture: analysis helps us understand its pieces, and synthesis unlocks how they connect, relate, and interact. Once your strategy is in play, ongoing evaluation empowers us to learn what works and what doesn’t, and how we can adapt to make progress faster and more effectively.

Working with civil society organizations, businesses, philanthropists, and governments, I help build bridges and forge strategic alliances.

As with any systemic change, there are barriers to the solutions we need and plenty of people that can help you identify them. I call them the “no, because…” people. As a solutions-oriented thinker, I can help you find and secure “yes, if…” policy solutions that enable progress.

Latest from the Blog

The Federal Budget Can Help Ontario Double Down on its Clean Energy Advantage

This opinion editorial was co-authored with Bruce Lourie (Ivey Foundation) and Moe Kabbara (The Transition Accelerator) and was published in the Toronto Star. Premier Doug Ford knows a good deal for Ontarians when he sees one, as he did with the federal daycare and health-care deals. With the recently unveiled federal budget, Prime Minister Justin…

Cutting through the Fog of War on Energy Transition

This essay was originally published in the May-June edition of Policy Magazine. It’s been more than a year since Russia invaded Ukraine, precipitating a range of regional and global crises, not the least of which is “the first truly global energy crisis.” It has disrupted both energy supply and demand, resulting in energy price spikes,…

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

The recent visit to Canada by the Japanese Prime Minister sparked the latest round of debate about the prospects for increasing Canadian LNG production and export. According to LNG champions, “Canada definitely has a business case for LNG.” The basic premise is that increasing LNG exports from Canada can help wean Japan off Russian gas…

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