Every client’s needs are different, and so every relationship I have and project I deliver is built-for-purpose, drawing upon my diverse skills, knowledge, and network.

My service offerings include:

STRATEGY – From campaigns to communications, government relations to alliance-building, an effective strategy is central to your success. Using a variety of tools & approaches, I can help you build, execute & evaluate your strategic approach.

COMMUNICATIONS – Effective communication is the bridge between a good idea & a successful idea. By understanding your audience & crafting tailored messages—for briefing notes & opinion editorials, presentations & press releases—I can help ensure your voice is heard.

STAKEHOLDER RELATIONS – Securing durable public policy requires broad support from businesses, associations, & civil society organizations. To achieve this, I can help convene, build bridges & forge effective multi-stakeholder alliances.

RESEARCH – Whether developing policy options or effective messaging, I offer research & analysis that provides the information & insight needed to give you—& those you’re trying to influence—the confidence required to make decisions.

ENGAGING GOVERNMENTS – Relationships with politicians & officials are key—I know what it takes to build & maintain them. I can support your efforts to effectively engage the government, from lobby days to submissions, to helping you prepare for a committee hearing.

And if you need something I don’t offer, I have a diverse group of colleagues willing to partner to build the team you need.

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