Over the past two decades, I’ve had the opportunity to try my hand at a wide range of things, developing and honing a diverse set of skills.

Expertise in energy & climate change policy

I blend practical energy and climate policy knowledge with a principled, pragmatic approach to getting results. I have experience with diverse policy approaches for cutting pollution, driving innovation, and adopting behavioural and technology solutions.

Systems-thinking & problem-solving

I am quick to see the big picture and understand how its pieces connect and interact. Able to absorb a breadth and depth of qualitative and quantitative information, I explore relationships and connect the dots, finding creative solutions to challenging problems.

Strategic communications

I am a creative communicator, with the ability to craft accessible messages for specific audiences—from citizens to businesses to policymakers and politicians. In addition to strong writing skills, I’m an experienced public speaker and media spokesperson. 

Managing relationships & building support for durable solutions

With a diplomatic style, I bridge the interests of diverse constituencies, both between various stakeholders, as well as within institutions. Personable and engaging, I build strong, trust-based relationships.

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